Dr. Islam's Research

Investigating Customers’ Experiences with Their Financial Services Customer Education Programs as It Impacts Customer Loyalty to the Financial Firm

 This phenomenological study investigated how the lived experiences of customers’ participating in financial services’ customer education programs impacted the customers’ loyalties to their global financial service firm.  The study’s findings added to the work of Zajonc (1968) and Groeppel-Klein et al. (2010) on mere exposure theory by determining that repeated exposure to customer education programs resulted in favorable evaluations of the programs and the financial service firm responsible for delivering the service. 

The Effectiveness of Web Interactive Guides (WIGs). A Study of the Learning Preferences of Financial Service Customers and the Capability of WIGs to Help Students Master Concepts 

This qualitative research study applied Grounded Theory Design and administered telephone and focus group interviews to two types of WIG user, customers or employees of firms that use the products and services of the financial service firm, and employees of the financial service firm.  The customers group participated in telephone interviews and the employees participated in focus groups.  The research participants had a positive response to WIGs as a learning tool.  Most participants felt that WIGs were more effective than books or manuals at helping them learn, and most indicated that they would prefer to learn using WIGs.