Dr. Kaliym A. Islam


Pickleball Leadership: Lessons From The Court To The Boardroom


Discover the Unexpected Leadership Lessons Hidden in Pickleball!

Pickleball, a sport that’s taken the world by storm, goes far beyond the court’s boundaries. In “Pickleball Leadership: Lessons from the Court to the Boardroom,” you’ll explore how this exciting game can inspire and enhance your leadership skills. Learn from corporate executives, small business owners, school counselors, and software developers as they share their stories of transformation.

Discover how:

  • Mastering the dink shot can hone your decision-making finesse.
  • Embracing the Ernie shot can ignite proactivity and innovation.
  • Navigating the kitchen zone can teach the art of boundaries.
  • Executing a lob shot can unveil the power of vision.
  • Poaching for success can foster collaboration and support.
  • Leading the rally showcases resilience and momentum.
  • The pickleball serve inspires teams to greatness.
  • The third shot drop emphasizes learning from setbacks.

Each chapter reveals practical insights and strategies that transcend the pickleball court, providing you with a playbook to elevate your leadership skills. Whether you’re an aspiring leader or a seasoned professional, this book offers a unique perspective on leadership development that’s both enjoyable and enriching.

Unlock the secrets of leadership hidden within the fast-paced and dynamic world of pickleball. Dive into the pages of “Pickleball Leadership,” where game and leadership converge to help you become a more effective and inspiring leader. Your journey to success starts here!

12 Inch Rule of Leadership


Attention all Emerging Leaders who want to 1) learn an adaptive leadership model used by high performing leaders in virtually every industry 2) develop leadership capabilities that lead to career success and 3) get unstuck in your career.

If you’re looking to become a better leader and succeed in your career then this brand-new book by award winning expert Kaliym Islam, Ph.D., is for you. It reveals how emerging leaders can identify and navigate the common challenges faced by every leader by applying the 12-Inch Rule leadership framework.

In fact, here’s just a sample of what Kaliym Islam, Ph.D. will cover for you in the pages of this insightful new book: 

•“The 12-Inch Rule of Leadership: Proven Strategies for Career Success”

•How to become a better leader 

•How to get the recognition you deserve   

•How to get promoted  

… and much, MUCH More!

Podcasting 101 for Training and Development


Podcasting can help you revolutionize the way you deliver training. This groundbreaking book provides an innovative approach to designing and developing podcasts that can improve employees’ productivity by providing them with easy-to-access up-to-date information. The book is designed to help you to decide if podcasting is the right solution for the business challenge that your organization is facing, and then guide you to make the right decisions in selecting the software and hardware that you will use to create your podcasts.

Podcasting 101 for Training and Development includes critical information about the legal issues surrounding podcast development, contains an approach to developing podcasts that will ensure that your podcasts make a positive business impact, and teaches you how to plan, record, edit, and publish a training podcast.

“Timely and relevant, Podcasting 101 for Training and Development is required reading for anyone interested in realistic cost-effective strategies for delivering rapidly changing content to an increasingly mobile-enabled workforce. Kaliym strikes a perfect balance between visionary thinking and practical application.”
–Tai Goodwin, principal lead, Learning Media

“This book introduces not only a great media, but a great approach for developing and deploying podcasts in a training environment. Podcasting 101 for Training and Development is a must read for any training manager who must deploy frequently changing training programs to a distributed workforce.”
–Herman C. Thomas, deputy director for technical training, New York City Housing Authority

Agile Methodology for Developing & Measuring Learning


This book can help transform your training development methodology into one that allows you to rapidly respond to ever changing business needs. It will teach you how to deliver learning solutions that are both timely and effective. It will introduce you to a flexible development technique, one that allows you to keep pace with fast changing business conditions. It will show you how to achieve better collaboration with your business partners. It will help you create empowered, self-organizing, cross functional teams that can distill large training efforts into smaller components that can then be developed and delivered over multiple iterations. Finally, this book will help you assess if the organizational structure of your training department is optimized to support the needs of your company.

Developing and Measuring Training the Six Sigma Way



Dr. Islam provides many pages of leadership guidance and wisdom both from his own experiences and those of friends and colleagues in various fields and professions. I found each chapter to have a helpful “take away”. This book is highly recommended for anyone in a leadership position!

Erica Adkins

I actually ENJOYED this book! The 12 Inch Rule of Leadership by Dr. Kaliym Islam is a gift to me and will be a gift to several of my friends from me. It flowed and I read it in a weekend. I found myself actually appreciating each rule and look forward to reading this book at least once a year to remind myself of ways to lead my family, my organizations and myself. This book is for everyone. I have read several books on leadership. This is right up there with the best.

Brian Stennett

The tenets of the 12 Inch Rule is a study on how one can be successful in life and the tools that one should utilize to be the best that they can be. It is a guide that stresses character, perseverance and ambition. It is a tool that should provide the guiding principles for life. This book resonates and is a must read. It astutely combines the qualitative life experiences with empirical data. - Sheldon E. Warrick, Business Leader


Dr. Islam has a great approach to leadership and this book is a great navigational tool to guide you through the perils of organizations. It is a refreshing approach and provides real life examples of how the 12 inch rule has been successful in utilizing its principles in an effective way. I highly recommend it!

Amazon Customer