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Can Agile Solve the Problems Faced by Organizational Development Professionals?

The State of Adult Learning is in Flux 

Changing demographics, globalization, and an increased reliance on technology have made the job of organizational development (OD) professionals difficult. To further complicate the situation, there’s no consensus on how to address the aforementioned challenges. Some experts believe the function should emphasize “organizational learning. ” In this model the role of OD is to help employees become “learning agents” and respond to changes by identifying and correcting errors. Others feel the emphasis of OD should be on creating a “learning organization.”  In this model individuals perceive themselves as active participants in creating their company’s future.

Training and Development Professionals Face Similar Challenges

Similar contradictions exist in the field of training and development (T+D). The literature reveals two schools of thought. The first forwards a belief that search engines like Google eliminate the need for trainers to help learners get facts and obtain knowledge. Proponents of this philosophy believe adult educators should concentrate on “higher order” thinking skills like evaluation and synthesis. Followers of the second school of thought make the case that instructors must help learners get a contextual view of the required knowledge and facts if they expect a change in performance.

How Can Agile Help?

An Agile approach to developing learning solutions presents both OD and T+D professionals with a framework for addressing the conflicting approaches to addressing the problems presented by changing demographics, globalization, and the increased reliance on technology. Agile techniques further the adaptability of people and systems to respond to change. They also promote collaboration and foster knowledge creation and dialog.

Want to Learn More?

On January 15 at 10 AM EST, the TrainingProAcademy will present Developing Training That’s Fast, Good, AND Cheap (An Agile Approach to Content Development).  In this webcast we’ll share the techniques that one organization used to improve their employee engagement and leadership scores from the 4th quartile to the 1st quartile.  We’ll also present findings from Dr. Kiersten Yocum’s research on Agile in an OD or T+D environment.  Finally, we’ll present case studies from individuals like Siobhan Curran, M. Ed. who has achieved tremendous success implementing Agile as an OD and T+D strategy at two organizations.

This webcast will introduce you to some Agile of the techniques that many organizations are already using to design, develop, and deliver training that’s FAST, GOOD, AND CHEAP. In this webcastyou’ll learn:

  • How outdated approaches to training development is costing you time, costing you money, and killing team morale.
  • The top 5 obstacles to developing training content faster.
  • Three signs your team is ready for an Agile approach.
  • The easiest way to use Agile in 30 days.

So… If you’re ready to learn how adopting an Agile approach to OD or T+D can help you address changing demographics, globalization, and an increased reliance on technology click HERE to register.

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