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The Benefits of Using Agile to Develop Training

Why the World Bank Wanted to Hear From Me

I recently delivered a presentation to the World Bank on how Agile could help them develop training that ‘s FAST, GOOD, and CHEAP. They invited me to deliver this workshop because they came across my book “Agile Methodology for Developing and Measuring Learning” which is now in its second printing. What I don’t think they were aware of is that this book was based on the experiences my team and I had, implementing Agile as a training development approach, at large financial service company.

Here’s What They Didn’t Know

In the first 2 months of the implementation, we realized a 75% increase in the number of learning solutions we were able to get into production. We also experienced a change in how our internal customers felt about the training organization. Internal clients thought the quality of the learning solutions had improved and the turnaround time was quicker.

Sustained Improvement

Eight months later we continued to see a significant increase in the number of training assets the Agile methodology allowed us to deliver. When we normalized the data, we found that the size of those learning assets were larger and more complicated. In addition, using Agile as a development approach resulted in us delivering more diverse learning solutions. Perhaps the most profound impact that Agile had, however, was its impact on the training organization. We experienced double-digit increases on both our employee engagement and leadership survey scores.

You Can Achieve Similar Results

When I got to that part of my presentation the question on everyone’s mind was “How did we do it? That’s what I shared with the employees of the World Bank, and that’s what I’d like to teach you. So, if you’re interested in learning how Agile can help you produce Fast, Good, and Cheap learning solutions and improve the engagement of your learning team, just add your name and e-mail address in the form below, and I’ll share those tricks and tips with you.

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